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Star Trek The Times of the HG Wells Series


Canon Star Trek character Daniels is almost the James Bond of time travel. The canon job of the Temporal Integrity Commission is to restore timelines to their original format. That sometimes means letting people die. That's gotta jade you after a while; this series follows through on that idea, and is named after his time ship, the HG Wells. The timeline becomes clearer in context. All stories are Rated K unless otherwise stated.


November 13th

In 2234, Craig Willets remembers an odd message from 2151; In 3097, Richard Daniels sends a message to the 2151 NX-01. Find November 13th:


Future Temporal Integrity Commission employee Otra D'Angelo experiences a small milestone in her young life. Takes place in 3069. Find Desperation:


In 3087, Section 31 puts a potential agent through her paces. Find Recruitment:

The Honky Tonk Angel

Kevin O'Connor and Jhasi Tantharis go on their first date, on December 21, 3088. Find The Honky Tonk Angel:


In 3096, Richard Daniels joins the Temporal Integrity Commission. Find Briefing:

Stocking Stuffers 2013

This is a set of gift ficlets for friends, done for the holidays. Find Stocking Stuffers 2013:


In early 3101, Richard is prepared for his 1699 Penn's Woods trip by Crystal Sherwood. Find Preparations:

First Born

When Temporal Agent Richard Daniels returns from a 2156 mission to the NX-01, he learns that a careless decision by omission has ripped through the timeline and unforeseen consequences change the history of the Mirror Universe. Rated K+. Review of First Born.


In 3102, Richard and a historian are accidentally sent to 1417 Cordoba instead of 1616 Padua, and Rick meets Irene of Castile. Find Marvels:

Pat the Bunny

In 3104, Richard Daniels and Aramjul Sika find out just why the Borg never really got any traction in the Mirror Universe. Find Pat the Bunny:

Where O Where

On October 12, 3104, a teenaged HD Avery makes it clear that he will never become a farmer like his parents. Find Where O Where:


Kevin and Josie prepare for May 4, 3108, a special day on Tandar Prime. Find Candy:


It was the last place he wanted to go. But it was his family at stake, so he went back. Rated T/M. Review of Temper.


Can you give the gift of forgiveness in order to move forward? What happens in the end? Is there something beyond? What endures? Rated M. Review of Fortune.

A Lesson

In January of 3109, Eleanor Daniels lectures young students on the ways of the Mirror Universe. Find A Lesson:


A Long, Long Time Ago

On February 3, 1959, three musicians died in a plane crash at Clear Lake, Iowa. Don McLean called it "The Day the Music Died". What happens if, instead, the music lives? Rated T. Review of A Long, Long Time Ago.


Tin Soldiers and Nixon's Comin', to Kent State, on May 4th, 1970. What happens when a bullet hits the wrong girl? Rated T. Review of Ohio.

You Mixed-Up Siciliano

Vacation time, to 1960 Rome! But they weren't alone. Rated T. Review of You Mixed-Up Siciliano.

Storm Clouds

During the time period covered in You Mixed-Up Siciliano, Kevin O'Connor and Crystal Sherwood go to lunch but end up ... elsewhere. This is a Round Robin story with other participants. Rated T. Find Storm Clouds:

Another Piece of the Action

During the time period just after You Mixed-Up Siciliano, in January of 3110, Kirko, Spock and the boys join Richard Daniels, Sheilagh Bernstein and Deirdre Katzman in handling Bela Oxmyx and his cronies. This is a collaborative story with the bluesman. Find Another Piece of the Action:


Spring Thaw

The tanks are supposed to roll in the streets of Prague in 1968. Prague Spring must end. Rated T. Find Spring Thaw:


Richard Daniels remembers his conquests. Note: this story breaks later fanon. Find Souvenirs:

Where the Wind Comes Sweepin' Down the Plain

It's an audacious move by the other side, designed to smack the Temporal Integrity Commission's agents with as much guilt as possible. Rated T. Find Where the Wind Comes Sweepin' Down the Plain:


The Point is Probably Moot

How could it be wrong for her to be alive again? Rated T. Find The Point is Probably Moot:

Shake Your Body

Florida, 1986, where there's going to be a disaster. Or is there? Rated T. Find Shake Your Body:

One Last Gift

An endgame for two characters. The scene takes place during Shake Your Body. Rated K+. Find One Last Gift:

Multiverse II

During the time period just after Shake Your Body, Branch Borodin, Levi Cavendish and Otra D'Angelo and characters from other authors' stories are called upon to save the universe. This is a Round Robin story with other participants. Rated MA. Find Multiverse II:

He Stays a Stranger

How, exactly, could he put back time if he'd been erased from history? And once it was back, did he have even an outside shot at happiness? Rated T. Find He Stays a Stranger:

It's Not Really a Reset if you remember it

On August 8, 3110, the department goes out to the Tethys Tavern to try to forget what has happened, as Carmen in particular is affected. Find It's Not Really a Reset if you remember it:

The Sweetest Universe

On September 2, 3110, Levi makes interdimensional pie #49 for everyone. Find The Sweetest Universe:


In which humanity's survival depends on Levi Cavendish's social skills. Takes place in 3110. Find Paradox:

Calendar Turning Event #3111

Otra throws a party for New Year's but Carmen and Levi are waylaid for a while. Find Calendar Turning Event #3111:

Happy Stuff 3111

Sheilagh and HD celebrate the end of the year holidays. Find Happy Stuff 3111:

Mirror Masquerade

In 3111, Otra has a vision of a temporal, somatic and spatial switcheroo that overwhelms her. Rated K+. Find Mirror Masquerade:

Meeting of the Minds

Levi takes Otra home to meet his fundy mother, Marci. Find Meeting of the Minds:

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